Gas fired ammonia absorption chiller
NameGas fired ammonia absorption chiller

 Air Cooled Gas-Fired Ammonia Absorption Chiller

      Up to 75% efficiency



l         Patented technology for first ever continuously variable speed operation.

l         Modular design and parallel multi-unit connection can realize 5.5RT~38.5RT capacity range.

l         Groups with capacity of 38.5RT can be centralized up to 269.5RT.

l         Intelligent control for load matching for optimal efficiency.

l         Efficient variable speed motor control technology minimizes electricity consumption and noise.

l         Low NOx burner, extremely clean burning.

l         The true eco-friendly air conditioning.

l         Optional heating module for hot water supply during 24 hours.

l         Stable operation in ambient temperature from 0 to 55.

l         Non-toxic corrosion Inhibitor in refrigeration system.


 Performance Curve

Technical Data   


1. Standard cooling operation condition: ambient temp. 35 DB/ 24 WB, return water temp. 12 and leaving water temp. 7; maximum bearing pressure of water system is 1.0MPa.
2. Calorific value of gas: calculated as per 8120kcal/m3 (34.02MJ/m3 or 9.45kWh/m3) at 15C - 1013 mbar. Gas standard pressure is 2500Pa.
3. Adjustment range refers to the chiller ability for stepless adjustment of cooling capacity.
4. When leaving water temperature is below 3, glycol must be added in the water; should the chiller be not used in winter, drain away all water inside the water system to avoid freezing.

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