→    Air cooled gas fired absorption heat pump
Name:Gas fired absorption heat pump

Air Cooled Gas-Fired Absorption Heat Pump

                              More than 150% efficiency



  •         Continuously Variable Speed Operation.
  •         Unitary Links (Multiple Units) with Simultaneous Variable Speed Turn down.
  •         High Efficiency Components with Wetting at Turn down Conditions.
  •         Microprocessor Based Controls.
  •         Pulsing Thermal Expansion Valve.
  •         Low NOx Burner.
  •         Advanced Direct Drive Solution Pump.
  •         Non-Toxic Corrosion Inhibitor.
  •         COP up to 1.50 (150% efficient).
  •         Variable Heating Capacity to Match Load.
Performance Curve
Technical Data
1. Standard heating operation condition: ambient temp. 7℃ DB/6℃ WB, return water temp. 35℃ and leaving water temp. 44℃; maximum bearing pressure of water system is 1.0MPa.
2. Calorific value of gas: calculated as per 8120kcal/m3 (34.02MJ/m3 or 9.45kWh/m3) at 15 °C - 1013 mbar. Gas standard pressure is 2500Pa.
3. Adjustment range refers to the heat pump ability for stepless adjustment of heating capacity.
4. When ambient temperature is below 0℃, glycol must be added in the water for avoiding the freezing.
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