→    Gas-fired Condensing Boiler
Name:Gas fired condensing boiler
Gas-Fired Condensing Boiler
Hot water up to 90
                             Up to 104% efficiency
  •         Advanced complete premix combustion technology achieves not only full burning but also stepless adjustment of energy input
  •         High efficiency is realized by recovery of heat from high-temperature exhaust gas via a high quality heat exchanger.
  •         Modular combination& Assembly with absorption AC or condensing boiler and remote operation.
  •         Different options, built-in type and split type, for configuration according to requirement, which facilitate operation and installation.
  •         Matched with gas-fired absorption chiller and heat pump provides the best service to customers.
Performance Curve
Technical Data
1. Working condition: water outlet temperature 50℃ and water inlet temperature 30℃;
2. Working condition: water outlet temperature 80℃ and water inlet temperature 60℃.


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