As an industrial type company, Ningbo Sunico International Ltd has been dedicated in the manufacturing of motors and motor components for long time. With more and more concerning to the environmental protection and sustainable development, we foresee the demand for the technology of energy saving and environmental friendly would prevail. Therefore we start to invest into the area of gas-fired air conditioning which is much clean with less carbon emission. We endeavor to create a better life for human beings.

Our factories produce a range of products, which cover ammonia absorption chiller, gas-fired absorption heat pump, commutator, bearing, and other components for electric motor.

In addition, six offices respective in France, USA, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, India, allow us to carry out excellent after-sales service.

Besides the in-house products, we have well established relationship with prompt and efficient sourcing of all kinds of steel, industrial instruments and apparatus. We export 80% of our products to over 30 countries in the world. We have grown consecutively by 30% since 1988...[more]

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